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Most gardeners enjoy growing flowers for the beauty they bring to outdoor areas. But we also like cutting blossoms and bringing them indoors in vases. For advice on how to cut and care for your own fresh cut flowers.
They say that timing is everything. It’s true in life and it’s especially true when it comes to harvesting flowers. Harvest too late, and you can reduce vase life. Harvest too soon, and you have an immature flower that hasn’t had sufficient time to develop, and may never properly bloom. So, how do you know when to harvest flowers?
always harvest early in the morning, before the heat of the day causes flowers to lose moisture and begin to dehydrate. “This is especially crucial in hot, dry climates like ours,” so “It really needs to be cool, so that means before sunup, with a headlamp. If you harvest early when that plant is still vigorous, you’re getting a better product.”

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