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Container Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

The Basics – Choosing the Right Container

More and more gardeners, especially those with limited space, are choosing to get started with container gardening. If you are one of those who are just getting started, we have a few tips for you that should help. One of the most important factors when getting started with a container garden is choosing the proper container. A pot that is too small will crowd the roots, and very large pots can be difficult to move around to take advantage of the best available sunlight. All pots for container gardening should provide adequate drainage and be large enough to hold the plant once it is full grown and not just while it is young.

One tip for planning your vegetable gardening using containers is to allow a minimum of 18 inches in diameter or width and 18 inches of depth for most plants. However, this will vary slightly depending on the type of vegetable being grown. Carrots, for example, should be allowed twice the depth they are expected to reach at maturity.

The material the container is made from and the pot’s color may also be important factors to consider for you. Different types of pots may be better suited for different climates. For example, colder climates with minimal sun can do better with dark colored pots made from metals. They can not only stand up to the winter cold, but there is little worry of overheating heating the root system during the summer months.

Wood and clay are great choices for container vegetable gardening in warmer climates. Wood and clay containers allow the roots to breathe, plus wood will retain moisture which allows for less frequent watering. Lighter colored pots will help make sure that the roots do not get over heated since this will kill the plant.

Location is Important, too

Be sure to take time to plan the best location to place the containers for your vegetable garden. Many varieties of vegetables require full sun, which generally means at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Some plants will do fine with partial shade but still need at least 3 hours of direct sun daily. In addition, the containers should be able to be moved around fairly easily so that you can prevent them from getting water logged during a heavy rain.


A container vegetable garden needs plenty of water and drainage so that the proper amount of air and water are able to reach the roots. In fact, this is essential for successful growing. To determine if the plant needs watering, feeling the soil about an inch below the surface. Drooping plants are a sign of dehydration and are past needing a little water. Your plants should never be allowed to reach this point.

One final thing to remember is to water the soil only and to never water the leaves of the plant. It is the roots that carry the water to the rest of the plant and not the leaves. Watering the leaves can cause bacteria, mold and other issues which can eventually kill the plant.

Growing vegetables in a container garden can be very enjoyable and can yield some great-tasting items for your table. We wish you the best of luck with starting your own container garden.

Container Flower Gardening Ideas

Can you imagine anything better than the beauty and fragrance of fresh, blooming flowers? Do you lack the space for a flower garden bed? You may discover that container flower gardening may be the perfect solution for you. Container gardening can be done almost anywhere, including your high rise apartment patio and next to that narrow walkway leading to your townhome. It allows you to add a touch of beauty and color to the patio or porch of any home, even under some of the most space limiting conditions.

It’s simple to get started. Just go to your favorite garden center and pick up a container or two. Fill it with potting soil and the flowers of your choice for a beautiful accent to your home. Provide water according to the directions that came with your plants, and watch your beautiful new container garden grow.

Start with the Proper Container

The really great thing about container flower gardening is that the containers that you choose to use can be almost anything that has enough depth and drainage to hold your plants. You should find plenty of choices at your local nursery or home center. Keep in mind that each pot has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, terracotta pots can dry out more quickly, which means that you must water your flowers more frequently. Plastic is another popular material, but it does not hold up as well under the sun’s harsh UV rays. Ceramic pots can be beautiful but require lots of drainage, and containers made of wood can eventually rot. You can also choose to go with the unusual, using an old wagon or even a rain boot to provide a fun container for your plants. Just make sure that you provide drainage and properly care for your plants, no matter what kind of container that you choose.

Choosing Plants for your Container Flower Garden

Plant selection is the next step in your container flower garden. You should take into consideration which flowers will do the best in containers. For example, if your pots are going to be left on the ground, select a couple of taller plants for the center like spikes or tall flowering varieties. Next, fill the area around the center plants with shorter blooming plants like zinnias or marigolds. For a nice effect, include a few that will cascade down the side of the pot like some species of petunias or ivies. When designing a container flower garden, it is best to choose a single color scheme and stick with it, such as red and yellow flowers, or orange and purple. Other ideas might include a red, white and blue theme to celebrate the Fourth of July, or gold and burgundy flowers for a fall display.

Be creative when planning your container flower garden, not just in the containers and flowers that you choose but also with where you place the containers around your home. This small amount of planning ahead of time will pay off big time when enjoying the beautiful colors and fragrances of your very own flower garden.

Flower Garden Plans – Designs with You in Mind

The first step before setting up your flower garden should be to decide on what you want to accomplish with your garden. Will it be a place where you will spend time with friends and family? Or will it be your own personal sanctuary for when you need to retreat from the world for a bit? By first deciding upon a purpose for your garden, you will better be able to design the best flower garden plans for your needs.

A Flower Garden Designed for Entertainment

If your plan is to entertain friends and family members, you will need to come up with a flower garden plan that allocates sufficient space for the number of people you plan to entertain. Are you likely to entertain 5, 10 or more? Try to imagine the most likely scenario, and design your flower garden accordingly.

For instance, let’s assume that you have big space at the back of your home. If you want to entertain about ten people in that area, you need to make sure that you have enough space for tables and chairs so that your visitors can sit and hang out with each other. To enhance the beauty of your garden, you can choose to build a gazebo where you and your friends can enjoy each other while drinking tea. An outdoor fountain may also be considered as it will make your garden more peaceful and appealing to your visitors.

If your plans include creating a good atmosphere for entertaining your visitors at night, a nice effect can be created when your flower garden plans include plenty of white flowers. pomoea alba, known also as moonflowers, and plenty of sweet autumn clematis will make your garden look especially nice after sunset.

Your Personal Garden Sanctuary

Perhaps your plans for your flower garden don’t include entertaining, and instead you dream of a lovely nook where you can relax after a long and stressful day. Did you know that surrounding yourself with plants can help you unwind and soothes away stress? If a personal garden is your goal, choose a location where you will feel most comfortable and where you are unlikely to be disturbed. For relaxing, a reclining chair or hammock is ideal. If desired, you can put a screen up to protect from insects.

The Art-ful Flower Garden

Are you looking for artistic ideas to take your flower garden to the next level? A visit to your favorite local or online garden store will provide a variety of garden accents such as fountains, statues, wind chimes as well as many other ideas. Or if you are especially creative, you can even create your own objects of art to add to your flower garden. Whichever option you choose, adding some artistic touches will allow you to create that beautiful, one-of-a-kind flower garden you have always dreamed of.

Express your Personality

Opting to make your artistic flower garden more of an expression of your personality will offer up many interesting possibilities; so much so, that you may be quite overwhelmed with all of the many options. For example, an easy and fun way to add a little “art” to your garden makes use of simple planters.

This idea makes use of “spilt” planters. First, you will need to locate some ordinary pots or barrels which you then tip onto their sides and fill with a bit of soil while spreading out the rest in front of it. It should look like the planter was tipped over accidentally. Next, you can select some of your favorite flowers and then plant them where the soil has been spilt over. That’s all there is to it, although you may need to be careful of any helpful friends or neighbors that may want to ‘fix’ your garden art.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Another idea for your art-ful flower garden is to use an old bathtub or other type of tub and fill it with some high quality soil in which you could plant a small garden. Alternatively, you could use the bathtub as a pond, and if you are a bit more creative, you can even hook a garden hose up and have water come out of the bathtub in the form of a waterspout.

As you can see, there are many ways to add a little artistry to your garden. If you are a do-it-yourselfer at heart, you could even sign up for pottery classes and create your own planters from scratch. You could then express your creativity through unique shapes, colors and designs as well as experience the satisfaction of creating them yourself. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Of course, you do not need to do any of these things in order to have a beautiful flower garden. But for those who are longing to create something out of the ordinary, adding a little art to your garden may be just the idea you were looking for!

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Supplies and tools:
• Foil
• Polymer clay
• Wooden skewer
• Pearly paint
• Air dry clay
• Pencil
• Acrylic paints
• Glittery nail polish
• Light clay
• Tape dispenser
• Modeling tool
• Sequins
• Foam core
• Glue
• Glitter
• Tape
• Straw
• Cardboard
• Foam paper
• Glittery self-adhesive foam paper
• Tassel
• Scrapbooking scissors
• Scissors
• Permanent marker
• Parchment paper
• Vaseline
• Hot glue gun
• Clear acrylic polish
• White pen
• Pompoms
• Toothpick
• Double-sided sequin fabric

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